I am looking for a model to suit my brand and budget, can you help?

Yes, with our ongoing relationships with Australian modelling agencies we can find the right model for you. Budget and professionalism is key when working with models and can be a important key to a successful shoot.

Can you recommend a hair and make up person?

Yes, we work with some of the best hair and make people in our area and can recommend the right one for your brand. If you have your own hair and make up person that is fine too!

I don’t know how many images I need per garment or what angles sell my garment the best.

By spending some time before the shoot with our production co-ordinator who specialises in image guidelines you will be able to develop a guide for the photographer and editing team to adhere too. By working through this and developing a shoot guide you will develop a clear plan for the shoot which allows for a clear a concise plan for everyone to work too.

Which photographers do you work with?

We have a handful of local photographers who we can recommend and who would suit your brand and energy. We would discuss this before hand and introduce you to their previous work for you to approve.

I have my own photographer.
Our studio in Byron is for hire to anyone for pretty much anything photography or videography. You are free to hire the studio only and use no extra services or just parts or the whole nine yards in service. Make us an offer for studio hire!

We are a business based in Melbourne Australia who requires a photo shoot for our product in studio and campaign shoot on location. Can you arrange?

We have different options available here. With studio and photographers based in one of the most beautiful areas of Australia Byron Bay we can arrange an all inclusive shoot which includes in studio or lifestyle for either products or garments.

The second option maybe we can recommend a photographer who is based in your city. We have a wide network of talented people who work with us on a daily basis.

Can I send you some sample images to trial your retouching and editing quality and service?

Yes, separately simply email and we will arrange for a free trial. If you haven’t already discussed with our production co-ordinator in your email please provide a detailed brief and we will get back to you ASAP.

I have x20 images which need a light retouch, background to white and cropped for our website, what are your starting prices ?
Image starting prices for basic image preparation for e-commerce web stores is $0.85US per image. Each task is individually priced once we understand the brief you have given us will will be able to quote accordingly.
We are a fashion label which hasn’t received the correct prints on our samples from our supplier can you help retouch the correct prints onto the garments?

Yes this sits with the retouching team. Please supply us the correct artwork and images to retouch and we will pull out the magic!

What is the expected turnaround time for images?

At a minimum urgent images can be turned around within 12 hours. This has an extra 15% charge added so usually we require 24 – 48 hours for our standard turn around but depending on quantities this may change.

We have x8000 images per month which need retouching skin, background to white with a shadow and cropping for our e-commmerce website can you handle this ongoing quantity?

Yes absolutely we would create a process specifically to work with your business. We would strongly recommend to work with our production co-ordinator for a period of time who can create a streamline process with minimal disruption to your existing processes. We love becoming a extension of your in house processes!

I would like to outsource our image uploading and product description tasks, do you offer this service?

Yes we do. Once your images are ready we are able to manage the ongoing task of updating your website. Given all the information this is a very cost effective and time saving solution for your business.

After my shoot I also require a look book to be designed, can you help?

Yes our in-house graphic designer can help you with all your graphic design needs.